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20 Haziran 2008

Türkler hakkında bilmemiz gereken 10 şey

Bugünkü Hırvatistan-Türkiye çeyrek final maçı öncesinde Hırvat basınından Karmen Horvart ve Gorona Banjeglav'ın hazırladığı "Türkler hakkında bilmeniz gereken 10 şey" adlı çalışma çok keyifli olmuş. Bir yerlerde Türkçe çevirisini bulursam onu da yapıştırırım buraya. Şimdilik bununla idare edelim.

Ten Things You Need To Know About The Turks

1. If a Turk at a football match tells you `Ananin amina kale kurar sabah aksam mac yaparim`, this means you were given an imaginative Turkish insult, i.e. `I will put goals in your mother`s cu** and play football all day long`. Quite suitable for football matches.

`Ananin amina cam dikerim, golgesinde seni sikerim trans` is yet another “tough” Turkish swear expression, meaning `I`ll send a small pine tree in your mother`s cu** and fu** in its shade`. Apart from vulgarity, the Turks can brag with the number of names morally challenged women (Kashar, Fahise, Kaltak, Kahpe, Orospu).

2. Gestures for `yes` and `no` can be rather confusing in Turkey: `yes` is achieved by raising your head up, while`no` is achieved with an identical gesture while lifting your eyebrows and clicking your tongue at the same time.

3. Putting your index finger and thumb together in a circle does not mean `OK` in Turkey. In fact, you are calling the person a homosexual, which is exceptionally insulting to them.

4. It is not a rare site to see two men holding hands in Turkey, while walking down the street. This does not mean they are homosexuals, but very good friends. In addition, friends say hello by kissing each other on the cheek, regardless of what gender.

5. Turks `stare` at people more than the westerners are used to. If a Turk intensely stares at you, this does not mean he is ready to attack, he simply finds you interesting.

6. The gesture of placing your thumb between your index and middle finger is the most vulgar gesture known in Turkey.

7. A thumb up in the air represents hitchhiking, nothing else.

8. The hardest question to ask the Turks is whether they are European or Asian. If you do ask it, you can expect extensive essays on the country`s territory, history, mentality, customs…

9. You will have a hard time making friends with the Turkish football fans because, after the English, they are the most aggressive fans in the world (they have already spatted with the Swiss at this EURO competition).

10. If you manage to make friends with Turkish football fans, the most important thing you need to know is that the Turkish word for beer is `bira`.


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